Monday, December 7, 2009

Unheard Magazine 4 Cover

I had the opportunity this past week to create a cover image for the fourth issue of Unheard Magazine, an independently produced and FREE downloadable creative magazine. You can find out more about the issue and the previous three at the magazines website:

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Christmas Carol in B&N Stores

"Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories" is now available in Barnes & Noble stores. For this edition I illustrated the cover jacket and some ornamental borders for the interiors. It's a much smaller size then the tome that was "Jules Verne Extraordinary Voyages" my previous book with B&N. The 200-page hardcover, with embossed dust jacket, features 5 stories written by Dickens that center around the Christmas season. It's very affordable and would be a great read for children just in time for the holiday.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Saturday, November 14, 2009


I wish I could forget your stupid name
it's always staring right back at me
though everybody told me you were lame
I thought that you were meant to be
the reason why I dream at night
but now I'm losing sleep

You're addictive
and its driving me to drink
your name it bleeds so endlessly
you'll always be a part of me
yeah -- you're addictive

I wish that I could scratch you off my mind
but I'm still sleeping in your t-shirts
of all the little scars you left behind
there's only one that hurts
and that's the reason why I cry at night
and crave you every day

You're addictive
and its driving me to drink
I can't fix it
you were meant to be a fling
so addictive
and this needle filled with ink
your name it bleeds so endlessly
you'll always be a part of me

You're addictive

And I tried so hard to quit
I just can't get over it
Can't believe it's come to this

You're addictive
and it's driving me to drink
I can't fix it
You were meant to be a fling

You're addictive
Your name it bleeds so endlessly -- yeah

You're addictive
and its driving me to drink
I can't fix it
you were meant to be a fling
so addictive
and this needle filled with ink
your name it bleeds so endlessly
you'll always be a part of me


(Morningwood, Diamonds & Studs 2009)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Latest

Late night, music thumping...
a muse whispers in my ear...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cthulhu Spawn

I thought I would share with you the process of my latest personal work. This image of an aquatic beastie wriggling in an ectoplasmic afterbirth was conceived with my love for author H.P. Lovecraft's dark and horrific imagery in mind. Featured here are scans of the initial pencil drawing done on Strathmore 9" x 12" bristol and the final inks with Sakura Micron archival pens.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Library of Wonder: Jules Verne On Sale

This is the wonderful news I was promising. I just found the listing for Library of Wonder: Jules VerneExtraordinary Voyages (ISBN13: 9781435115552) online at Barnes & Noble's website. The book is available for order online and through their stores, unfortunately not stocked in-store at this time. I was told by a store sales rep that it takes 3-4 days for delivery to your local B&N store. The hardcover is 734 pages in total, with three classics by Verne—Around the World in Eighty Days, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea—with 60 black & white, full-page and spot illustrations that I supplied for this edition. Thanks in advance for your support in ordering a copy and passing the word about this exclusive edition.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Latest

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jules Verne Book On Schedule

The illustration project that I completed earlier this year with Barnes & Noble, Library of Wonder: Jules Verne, is scheduled to be in their stores, exclusively, on September 1, 2009. I was commissioned to do 60 black & white, full-page and spot illustrations for the book as well as endpapers and a colored cover piece. The three classic stories by Verne featured in this edition are Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World In Eighty Days.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gip Noodlebottom

Since I haven't shared a look at him online yet... may I introduce you all to Gip Noodlebottom!! Here is a colored version of the original ink drawing I created that became Gip from 2008. With all his chubby curves, twisty facial wrinkles and his only form of locomotion a wriggling good fortune noodle -- it will certainly be a fun time illustrating him and taking him on adventures.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Oracle of Chock

I sketched out this character, whom I am currently calling The Oracle of Chock, last night while I was thinking about fleshing out the little world of Gip Noodlebottom. Gip is a blue, horned and legless pig that gets around on a good fortune length of noodle. I am in the process of developing these characters into a online strip. The Oracle will be one of the many colorful characters that Gip will encounter in his travels. I'll certainly share more as I develop this idea.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Visual Storytelling

This week, the Visual Storytelling exhibit opens at the Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Myself, as well as Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl), Katie Cook (Tricks of the Trade), Joshua Cotter, Guy Davis (B.P.R.D. and Zombies that Ate the World), David Dwonch, Matt Busch, Jay Fosgitt, Anthony Fontana (Second Life stories), Otis Frampton (Oddly Normal), Jamie Dee Galey, Jessica Hickman, Tom Hodges, Keeli McCarthy (Lot’s Daughters), Jake and Matt Minor, Jon Morris (Calamity Jon), David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Nick Sousanis, Paul Taylor (Wapsi Square), Adam Winnie (a take on Little Red Riding Hood), among others, will be displaying works that showcase our visual and sequential images as narratives. The works I will be showing are selections from my latest illustration project, Books of Wonder: Jules Verne, an exclusive with Barnes & Noble. Among the selections will be pages from my sketchbook, examples to show my process in creation and some of the original, black and white illustrations. "Visual Storytelling" runs from April 15th-May 24th, with an opening reception (that I will be attending) from 6-9pm on Friday, April 17th. Visit the Gallery Project for more information on the show, directions and hours of operation.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Books of Wonder: Jules Verne

I'm really excited about sharing the news of my latest art project. I have recently completed illustration work on a fiction book for Barnes & Noble. The book is a collection of three stories by Jules Verne; Around the World in Eighty Days, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The publication, Books of Wonder: Jules Verne, will include 61 black and white illustrations, full and spot, for this exclusive edition from Barnes & Noble. I currently do not have a release date, but I will update this blog with any news as soon as I know. The pictures featured are full page samples from each of the stories.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Michigan Comics: Mirth, Mockery and Mayhem

I have been invited to show some of my latest works as part of the Michigan Comics: Mirth, Mockery and Mayhem gallery show, from March 31st-June 5th, 2009. The comics art show is becoming a yearly tradition on the Eastern Michigan University's campus. This year, co-curated by Professor Richard Rubenfeld and cartoonist, Dave Coverly. This show features Michigan-based artists and cartoonists displaying their original works of graphic storytelling. I will be showing a handful of pieces from my latest illustration project based on the works of Jules Verne. The show will be located in EMU's Student Center University Art Gallery. The opening reception is March 31st from 5-7 pm with a comics panel discussion to follow in the Grand Ballroom (B) until 10 pm. Directions and a map. Michigan Comics: Mirth, Mockery and Mayhem will continue after its run at EMU as a travelling show throughout Michigan until the Fall of 2009.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Graveslinger in Stores

I illustrated a color pin-up of the lead character, Frank Timmons, for the Graveslinger graphic novel a little while back (see my Nov '08 post for the art). The complete book is in stores now and can also be purchased through Amazon. For more info and preview art visit

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Cursed!

I have been a fan of Jeremy Bastian's fantastically intricate artwork ever since I set eyes my on it. I wanted to make sure everyone knew about his first issue of CURSED PIRATE GIRL #1, from Olympian Publishing, that is available for pre-order (Diamond Previews on page 286. Order code is FEB09 4407) from your local comic book shop this month. Check out Jeremy's website to see what I am talking about... and then go ask your local comic shop to order it! It is going to be a really fun and beautifully illustrated series that you won't want to miss out on.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Woman of Two Centuries

This past January 11th, my Great Aunt Helen Wallace passed away at the age of 93. She was an amazing woman and I will miss her terribly. She and her husband, Russ (who she has been without for more than 30 years), were very creative and nature loving people. They have a unique home that reflected their love of art that I spent many years visiting, especially for the family's annual New Year's Day party. She was a nuturing force in my understanding of the comics medium by allowing me to borrow her hardcover book of Pogo strips when I was younger. I have one memory that sticks out in my head relating to my art and Helen. I was a young boy, maybe 8 or 9, and during a certain point in my artistic development I loved to draw people in my family. I remember making a pencil drawing portrait of my Great Aunt and showing it to her at an outdoor picnic at my Grandma Jeanne's home in Plymouth. "Oh, Nathan...!" Helen was mortified. I apparently, even in those early years, had an attention to detail by focusing on her youthful wrinkles that I loved. By making them very deeply etched I had crafted a caricature of her that was apparently less than flattering in her eyes. She asked me sweetly not to draw a picture of her again. I laugh inside sometimes thinking of this incident and I like to think she may have grown into my only drawing of her. Although I never drew another picture of her, I will always remember how art can have lasting effects on people.