Friday, April 24, 2009

The Oracle of Chock

I sketched out this character, whom I am currently calling The Oracle of Chock, last night while I was thinking about fleshing out the little world of Gip Noodlebottom. Gip is a blue, horned and legless pig that gets around on a good fortune length of noodle. I am in the process of developing these characters into a online strip. The Oracle will be one of the many colorful characters that Gip will encounter in his travels. I'll certainly share more as I develop this idea.


DetroitBushido said...

do you take request?

N. Pride said...

I do commissions, yes, if that is what you are asking? You can write me at if you'd like to discuss having me draw something for you. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Post more of this type of artwork.