Friday, November 27, 2009

A Christmas Carol in B&N Stores

"Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories" is now available in Barnes & Noble stores. For this edition I illustrated the cover jacket and some ornamental borders for the interiors. It's a much smaller size then the tome that was "Jules Verne Extraordinary Voyages" my previous book with B&N. The 200-page hardcover, with embossed dust jacket, features 5 stories written by Dickens that center around the Christmas season. It's very affordable and would be a great read for children just in time for the holiday.


J.M. Martin said...

Not your usual Prideistic work, O He of the Grotesque Pen, but very cool nonetheless. Are you cover only or did you do interior art?

N. Pride said...

Thanks for the compliment. This is commissioned and edited work so it's not going to be my usual type of work for those reasons. I did the cover and some interior border ornaments. Although you'll notice they used parts of my cover work throughout the breaks in the book. There are also 19th century etchings that were used in the book by Irish artist, John Leech.