Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Cricket On The Hearth

"To find a cricket on the hearth is the luckiest thing of all."

Earlier this year I began cover designs for a planned holiday release of Charles Dickens' "The Cricket on The Hearth". The cover illustration I was contracted to create paid homage to an earlier publication of the same novella. A simple line drawing of a 19th century fireplace and hearth, a perking kettle jumping in the flames and a lone cricket sitting on the hearth. In the story the cricket is a sort of barometer of life at the home of John Peerybingle, his younger wife Dot and their new baby. When things go well, the cricket on the hearth chirps; it is silent when there is sorrow. Can this cricket help restore the family's faith in each other? Available now exclusively through Barnes & Noble stores and online. You may want to get a copy soon if you are interested as the last holiday book I worked on with Barnes & Noble, "A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories", sold out.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Collection In Stores

The hardcover collection of the first series of Legends of the Guard is in stores now. I was fortunate to be a contributor to the series with "The Ballad of Nettledown" which also turned out to be my return to the main stage of comics. Being able to be a part of this book was very humbling. With David Petersen, Mouse Guard creator, anchoring the story between the invited talents; Alex Sheikman, Scott Keating, Guy Davis, Jeremy Bastian, Ted Naifeh, Karl Kerschl, Gene Ha, Lowell Francis, Sean Rubin, Alex Cain, Katie Cook, Terry Moore, Jason Shawn Alexander, Craig Rousseau, Mark Smylie and João Lemos. Legends is the story of a night at the June Alley Inn when June, the Innskeep, begins a competition amongst the patrons to — "Tell no complete truths, no complete falsehoods and tell me a tale I never heard."— in return the winner would have their overdue bar tab stricken. Easily a great read for those already familiar with David Petersen's Mouse Guard series and for those who love the works of The Brothers Grimm and other richly, fantastical animal tales. Available now from Archaia in your local comic shop and bookstores.