Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Devastator #5: Fantasy

Issue #5 of this crazy comedy zine, known to humanity as The Devastator, features a short-story called "Rat Knights of Rat's Hollow" penned by writer John Ford with my full-color comic art -- which most know doesn't come around often enough (I hear ya!). This issue features a fantasy theme and has other contributors like Tony Millionaire, Zach Weiner, Dan Hipp and more! Check it out and get yourself an extra copy for your lover or your mate.

Reading With Pictures KICKSTARTER

I was asked to be a part of an anthology-style textbook project that teachers would want to teach and students would want to read. A textbook using graphic storytelling (a.k.a. comic book art) to illustrate topics in disciplines from Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, and Science for kids, grades 3-6. This radical concept needs your support!

That's where the KICKSTARTER project begins...

I'll be paired with writer Geoffrey Golden (The Devastator) on drawing a Pokemon parody battle of probabilities called "Probamon!". This can only happen with your financial help though. A special incentive for Kickstarter backers of $40 or more will net you a signed special edition card game with your copy of the book. It's very limited -- only 6 sets remain up for grabs -- don't miss out!

Help us get comics into schools... and get schools into comics! 

The Graphic Textbook Kickstarter

Reading With Pictures website

UPDATE: The Kickstarter project is 75% funded and is in its last week. Please consider donating what you can or let a teacher/educator know about Reading With Pictures. The "$40 or more" pledge level will get backers a signed, limited ed. set of the battle card game based on the "PROBAMON" story I am working on with Geoffrey Golden. The set number was increased to 48 total and there are only 21 sets left now. Thanks for your support!