Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reading With Pictures KICKSTARTER

I was asked to be a part of an anthology-style textbook project that teachers would want to teach and students would want to read. A textbook using graphic storytelling (a.k.a. comic book art) to illustrate topics in disciplines from Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, and Science for kids, grades 3-6. This radical concept needs your support!

That's where the KICKSTARTER project begins...

I'll be paired with writer Geoffrey Golden (The Devastator) on drawing a Pokemon parody battle of probabilities called "Probamon!". This can only happen with your financial help though. A special incentive for Kickstarter backers of $40 or more will net you a signed special edition card game with your copy of the book. It's very limited -- only 6 sets remain up for grabs -- don't miss out!

Help us get comics into schools... and get schools into comics! 

The Graphic Textbook Kickstarter

Reading With Pictures website

UPDATE: The Kickstarter project is 75% funded and is in its last week. Please consider donating what you can or let a teacher/educator know about Reading With Pictures. The "$40 or more" pledge level will get backers a signed, limited ed. set of the battle card game based on the "PROBAMON" story I am working on with Geoffrey Golden. The set number was increased to 48 total and there are only 21 sets left now. Thanks for your support!

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