Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Latest

Life, in all its multi-faceted plentitude, has directed me away from my posting for awhile -- my sincerest apologies. Let's get you caught up with some artwork, shall we? Below are a collection of some of my latest ink drawings. (1) is a commission of Cursed Pirate Girl mimicking an old X-Men cover. (2) is a birthday gift drawing. (3) and (4) are some recent personal creature art.


Jason Moore said...

Your work has always fascinate me Nate. Beautiful work. I think you have a sense of imagery similar to Guillermo Del Toro yet all your own of course. Would LOVE to see you be able to do some design work for one of his movies.

Jay Fosgitt said...

I would be enthralled with your art even if I didn't know you personally, Nate. This is incredible stuff. I want to be you when I grow up--which is only about five years off, so I better hurry up.

birdie said...

Wonderful. Your art is so original and powerful, just draws me right in every time I see a new piece you've done. Your magical talents amaze me, buddy. Cheers on the new work, and your post!

Nathan Pride said...

Jason, thanks. I love Del Toro's work and that would certainly be amazing to have that opportunity.

Jay, thank you and please don't grow up.

Birdie, Thank you! ;)