Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Convention Season

I am attending at least two comic book conventions this spring/summer. The first being the Motor City Comic Book Convention in Novi, Michigan -- May 16-18th. I will have portfolios of my work to look over, some prints for sale, as well as a new sketchbook for 2008. I will also make myself available for con-sketches during the show. The second appearance will be in Chicago at Wizard World June 26-29th. I will be at the Transfuzion table with writer/publisher Gary Reed.


Brienne said...


DPetersen said...

Are you going to have anything new for these shows like a sketchbook or any prints?

N. Pride said...

I am bringing to Chicago prints of "Grendel" and "Grendel's Mother" as well as a springboard print for a future project character called Gip Noodlebottom ™. I also have for sale a new sketchbook entitled "Specimen: Exhibit A" that contains more finished pieces of my recent non-commissioned work. I'll have some portfolios of my work to look through as well as original art for sale. I'm looking forward to seeing some old and new faces there in a couple weeks.