Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Collection" Studies 1 and 2

I have some work to do on my website to get it updated with new material and a different design. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my other projects, commissions and personal work I have completed lately. This is a line drawing entitled "Collection" (8/0 Royal RG 250 brush, Bombay Black india ink, 300 series Strathmore Bristol, 11" x 14") that I recently finished. This line drawing is a nearly finalized study of the initial sketch (at left) that will eventually lead into a larger painting.


DPetersen said...

Beautiful inkwork as always Nate. Glad you went with the jar instead of the plastic sheet (the sheet takes it to a different level of creepy).

Looking forward to seeing more of your drawings and sketches as well as upcoming paintings!!

N. Pride said...

Thanks, David. I am particularly happy with the linework on this piece. I had struggled in the past with using a quill pen to ink in my work. The ink was always stopping and starting abrubtly or not flowing at all and I would lose the feeling I was trying to capture with each line because of that. I am really feeling more confident now with using a brush.